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We have been doing short sales since 1991and know exactly how to package one and have the bank
accept it at no cost to you.

Your first Step to getting this burden off your back is to give us a call and have a free over the phone consultation and we will explain the process in detail and all your options.

What is a short sale?
A short sale is when you ask the bank that holds the mortgage on your home to take less than is owed.
Why would they do this?
If your mortgage balance is greater than the value of the property and you can have a hardship and or
are behind in payments and you can package a deal that is in the banks best interest, i.e. If they do not
  they will probably get the house back in six months and the value may be less and they might take a
bigger loss.
Can I retain some money from the sale of the property?
Not usually.
Will it affect my credit?
Sometimes yes and sometimes no, but it is better than a Foreclosure on your credit for 10 years. There
are no guarantees that the bank will except it and that your credit will not be harmed but you do not have
to agree to do it. In most cases it is a better alternative to Foreclosure or ignoring the problem.
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